Friday, July 5, 2013


It's Been Almost a Year!!! Requesting Birthday Cards

Hi Everyone,

I know your probably thinking what in the world happened to that girl. Well life got busy and I had to leave blogging for awhile. My last post was about my 2 turning 3 yr old, and now she's about to be 4.

I really haven't done any paper crafting in a long time, but I saw a story on my local new channel about a little 6 yr old named Cadence. Cadence and her family were in a horrible car accident about 2 wks ago. Her entire immediate family was killed, Her dad, mom and 2 yr old baby sister. Cadence survived that crash. She will be 7 on July 23 and my local new channel was trying to get people to send her a birthday card. I saw this story and it has given me a special reason to pull out some paper and make this sweet little girl a card.

So now you know why I'm posting today.  If you can please send this little girl a birthday card to help make this a very special birthday. 

Here's her address:

Cadence McGuire
535 North 6th Street
Blytheville, Arkansas 72315

I'm also including a link to the story on the news' website

Thanks you so much.

Since I haven't posted in such a long time, I'm hoping that anyone that sees this post will share this story with others. Again, thanks so much.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Party Pics

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share a few more pics of the decor I made for my daughter's party. I searched pintrest, etsy, google and youtube looking for some ideas. Taniya wanted a Mickey party, and I wanted her to have a Minnie party. So... I combined them.

The set up before the guests arrived

mason glasses with daisy cut lids
Thank you bags

The cake ( It was delicious!)

Invitations ( the yellow was replaced with white circles)
entrance to the party room

party hats


The t-shirts I made using t-shirt vinyl

I used the Mickey Font cart for just about everything! I made both of the girls a tu tu to go with their t-shirts, but only seemed to get great pics of them when they were photographed with a party guest. So since I don't have permission from any of their parents I didn't post any of them.                                                                                                             

Thanks so much for stopping by and sorry for the picture heavy post :)