Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Farewell and Thank you cards

Hello Everyone!

I got a text on Sunday night at approx. ten PM from my oldest niece. She lives four hours from me in the town that she attended college at. After finishing school she scored a job at that college and has been working there for about 3 years. She has decided that she was ready to leave it and pursue other adventures. She went to Atlanta for an interview the day those horrible tornadoes hit Alabama. She literally was in Alabama minutes after one storm hit! Now, I had no idea she was traveling that way during that time or I would have freaked out. She made it to Atlanta safely and heard about a week later that she got the job. I'm so happy for her. I feel like a proud momma bird setting her free to venture the world. Anyway, she asked me to make her some farewell and thank you cards to give to friends and co-workers. I used Storybook for the thank you cards and Create a Critter for the farewell cards. I didn't have a stamp for what I wanted to say on the owl card, so I computer generated one. I will be mailing them today. Thanks for visiting :)

I'm not including a recipe with this post because I used variety of products, but leave me a comment if you have a question about something. I read everyone of them.


  1. Your An Awesome Auntie!! You did an amazing job on these cards Love Them!!